Dress A Girl Around the World

Our Monthly Dress A Girl Around the World Project

This Sunday, 09/02/2012 at 11:30 am, after services, in our Center many of us will gather to sew and decorate dresses for girls around the world! Everyone and anyone is welcome. Bring a lunch, various & sundry sewing items and your humor. There are usually sewing machines available if you don’t have one. Don’t sew? Please come anyway, we still need you, in addition to making the dresses we also decorate them.

Here are some of the little girls in their new dresses!

We can always use more sewers and decorators. Please join us!

Our Beautiful Slate Exterior

It doesn’t hurt to have a master-tile artist as the General Contractor, this work is so beautiful!

The first wall that was finished. Also notice the fascia board is in place – Wow it really looks fantastic!

It just seems silly to just keep saying how beautiful this is, but it really is.

Not every tile has been set by Lonny (although most have) but he has kept a close watch that the pattern is perfect and the work looks as though it has all been done by one person. Important on a project like this.

Look at the artistry of those corners, the illusion of a completely stone building is created!

A Contemporary Cathedral!

Each piece is set precise and strait.

Look closely at the colors!

The colors in the slate are really insanely gorgeous. Talk about a color pallet. Notice the rusts, the grays (neutrals – greens – blues) the browns and the charcoal blacks. And every variation there of. Exquisite!

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think of the progress so far or about anything on your mind. And be sure to check us out on Facebook there are more pictures there! See you Sunday.

Lilikoi Festival …

Committee Meeting

We are doing a Lilikoi Festival Fundraiser committee first meeting, which will be this coming Tuesday, Aug 21st, 6 PM at the center in HPP. We will try to hold the meeting to 1 hour. If anyone is interested in helping out or just hearing about the exciting plans we have for this event, please come! You do not have to RSVP, just show up, or not!

Hope to see you there and thank you for your consideration! Aloha!
Sandi Alstrand
Committee Chairperson

If you need directions or have any questions please leave a comment.


Other titles I considered for this post: A Clean Slate; Better Slate Then Never; and I’m Slate For An Important Date. Hmmm … Anyway look at the amazing progress! It looks wonderful doesn’t it? Swing by and check it out …

Wow! These slate tiles up close are multicolored and beautiful!

Around the corner.

Great Work!

At the Saturday Slate Party

I know … we have some strange parties don’t we? Well it seems fun was had by all.

This is an official slate setting discussion. This is important. Despite what you may think Lonny is not holding up the wall.

This part takes time and patience.
It was a great day, there was lots of food, people stopped by all day long. Another small milestone! See you Sunday …

Our Center

Saturday Aug 4 from 10 to 2 we will be setting slate onto the walls of our Center. Please join us! It looks like fun ….

Susan Cutting Slate

I bet you didn’t know that Susan could cut slate. I don’t think she did either, but turns out she is good at it!

Susan Setting Slate

Here she is setting it! Is there anything this woman cannot do? Apparently not … Show up Saturday and see for yourself, she says we can learn to do this too!