AHOWAN: Peace Peregrination

Schedule for Sessions; September 28, 29 & 30 at the Center for Spiritual Living in Hawaiian Paradise Park. Participants have the option to pick and choose which sessions to attend. Suggested “Love Offering” of $20.00 per session. All proceeds from this weekend will go directly to the Center for Spiritual Living East Hawaii Building Fund.

Intender’s Circle and Oneness Blessing
Day One: Friday September 28, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The weekend begins as an evening experience of guiding each person through the Intention process and oneness blessing. Each participant receives an Intender’s Handbook: Intenders.com. We begin by focusing on gratitude for what has already manifested in our lives. There is an instruction period on how to create our intentions for a positive experience. The Intender’s Circle allows us to support and learn from each other in holding to our intentions. The Intention process is followed by the Oneness Blessings.

The Oneness Blessing, or Deeksha (blessing in Sanskrit), is a direct transference of Intelligent Sacred Energy through a Oneness Blessing giver. It facilitates a neurobiological change in the brain helping to bring us from the seat of ego into higher states of consciousness. Deeksha is dogma-free and does not belong to any particular religion, philosophy or belief system. (Onenessuniversity.org)

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About Hawaii Center for Spiritual Living

We are a Center for Spiritual Living. Our Center (previously named Religious Science Church East Hawaii) has been serving the East Hawaii community since 1986. We teach the Science of Mind (SOM), a spiritual philosophy developed by Dr. Ernest Holmes in the early 1920’s. We currently hold Sunday Services at 10:00 AM in Hawaiian Paradise Park on the right (when facing the ocean) hand corner of Paradise Drive and 31st Street. Be sure and check us out on Facebook; Center for Spiritual Living East Hawaii.

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      The Center for Spiritual Living – Waikoloa
      Contact the number listed below for further information. Childcare provided.
      Hours: Sunday Service 10:00 a.m.
      Address: Waikoloa Elementary School Library (Paniolo Avenue – nearest cross street is Ho’oko)
      Phone: 808-883-0506


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