2 thoughts on “Check out our winners for the Lilikoi Festival!

  1. Can you tell me how to contact the author of one of the recipes in the second edition of the wonderful Lilikoilicious? On page 73, I think there may be a mistake in the Lilikoi Mochi recipe: in line 3 of the preparation section, it states “stir to mix and mix for 5 more minutes” I think maybe it should read “cook for 5 more minutes”. The recipe is from Dave Walker. Is there any way for me to ask someone if I should mix or cook? Mahalo, Susan

    • Dear Susan,
      Hi, I have sent you an email as well as this reply to your comment. Sorry! LOL I picture you with rice flour all over you, standing in your kitchen exasperated. Hopefully not. I will get back to you with your response as soon as possible. Thanks again, Bonnie

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