The front windows are completed!! So beautiful!

Today December 20th 2013, marks the completion of the windows in the front of our sanctuary. So stunning!

CSL completed windows

One thought on “The front windows are completed!! So beautiful!

  1. Hello,
    I like your church . I went there for the first time several weeks ago. Shortly after that I contracted rat lung disease and have been having a very difficult time. It caused me to lose my balance and my eyesight is double vision. In fact, I got pulled over for “suspected DUI” just because my eyesight went blurry and double vision when I was driving and my license was taken away. Because of that and my bad eyesight, I cannot drive and I cannot get to my medical or legal appointments. I never like asking anyone for help, but if there is any time I need help is now. I cannot even think straight because of this disease and have so many obligations right now. I live in HPP. I don’t have any family here and not many friends at least that live close by. If anyone has the heart to help me get to my appointments I would be forever grateful.

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