What We Believe:

A Way of Life & Spiritual Community

In the Science of Mind (SOM) teaching we believe that we live in a Spiritual Universe, ruled by a creative intelligence which operates in a pattern of law and love that we can rely on. Sometimes we call this intelligence God or Divine Intelligence, but regardless of the name, it is constantly surrounding and supporting us. We are never separated from this Infinite Source.

Our philosophy is found in the Study of The Science of Mind; a text written by Dr. Ernest Holmes. This text details the nature of our relationship with Infinite Source, shows how it operates in our life, and explains how we can direct our thoughts and beliefs to produce the experiences we desire! As we gain understanding about our spiritual nature and the nature of the Universe, we gain control over our lives. By studying SOM we come to understand that spiritual laws respond to our thinking, whether positive or negative. This is why your life will benefit immediately and directly from the mental exercise of replacing worry and fear with positive and optimistic thoughts of love and gratitude. With practice, you will actually begin to see positive changes in the conditions of your life.

The Science of Mind philosophy taught at our Center, is based on the work of Dr. Ernest Holmes, who was born in the late 1800’s in rural New England. He immersed himself in the great philosophical minds of history, researched the world’s religions, as well as met and studied with the most brilliant minds of his time. This led him to a profound comprehension of basic truths. Dr. Holmes was able to understand and explain the basic principles of how the Universe operates and how God responds to us.

Dr. Holmes recognized that the Universe operated through the Law of God and that…

  • There is a Power in the Universe greater than you are, and you can use it!
  • This Divine Intelligence surrounds and supports us.
  • Every person is a divine creation of this Infinite Intelligence.
  • We use our mind to tap into the spiritual truths of the ages
  • We know God is always there for us.